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While the World Watches, Assam Burns

Is it the perfect evening for protest?

As the evening sun sets, the screams grow louder and louder and the explosions sound closer and closer. The moon rises and its cold rays cast an eerie light on the rising columns of teargas smoke.

This is the first popular uprising for those of us born after the 1980s. Up until now we had only heard stories of the Assam Movement our elders spoke of. And now we find ourselves in one. But the full moon beams aren’t the only thing lighting up the dark in Ass
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Abu Jundal: mind behind LeT terror

The recent sentence of life imprisonment till death awarded to Abu Jundal, a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) mastermind for his role in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and the infamous May 2006 Aurangabad arms haul case heralds a victory for counter-terrorism in India.

Jundal’s arrest was important because of his role in multiple terror attacks across the country. These include the December 2005 IISc attack in Bengaluru, 26/11 Mumbai attacks, February 2010 German Bakery blast in Pune, April 2010 bomb blast
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Post-NFT Mint: A Roadmap to Community Engagement

So you have finally got your NFT collection minted, and you wonder how to utilise that collection to its best potential to expand your community and enhance your loyal customer base.

After your brand/firm mints an NFT collection, it becomes your prime task to direct your audience into the web3 space for proper utilisation of NFTs. Involving them with NFTs and brewing a thought process to engage more with NFTs is what gets you profit.

Read more on how DigiphyNFT’s emailing method provides a loo
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NFTs Can Help Solve Governmental Policy Issues

Imagine your Aadhaar Card as an NFT!! Could it be even possible?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have gained quite a big name for themselves and a craze for investment that now lies much more than just a FAD investment. The main USP of NFTs is the uniqueness that it comes with. Each NFT stands unique and cannot be replaced by another NFT. Which prevails in the case of bitcoin.

According to Investopedia, for any asset to fulfill the requirement of a currency, it needs to satisfy certain conditions
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NFTs Ushering a New Era for Entertainment

It is the Entertainment industry we are talking about, an Industry that was also taken over by dot coms and still faces the hiccups from it. And here we are, looking forward to a new surge of technology that replaces dot coms with crypto tech and the internet with the blockchain.

So where does the Entertainment industry lie in the beneficiary queue of crypto technology? If anything, the technology involved in this new wave is more poorly understood than the internet was back in the 2000s. When
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The much-awaited upgrade to Education Sector is here!!

Non Fungible tokens have undoubtedly taken the world by surprise and at a pace never imagined. This new age of Technology gives many professions a golden opportunity to bring back their work and showcase it to the world, of course without worrying about being forged or copied. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and increasingly many others, realize the importance of NFTs and are pushing towards building their way into the metaverse with the use of these tokens.

But what if we told you that NFTs could be
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